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One button automation for fast and easy unit attachment. IMMIX starts with a sleek, stainless steel, air retraction cylinder that easily mounts to the stall with no obstructive shroud or stall control to maneuver around. Simple “One Button Automation” is built right into the base of the retraction cylinders. Operators simply push the button at the bottom of the retraction cylinder and grab the milking unit for fast and easy unit attachment.

Easy to see milking status lights.
Milking status lights are built into the bottom of the retraction cylinder so operators can easily see milking status for every cow in the parlor. Once IMMIX senses milk is slowing, an orange light near the start button at the bottom of the cylinder illuminates indicating the end of milking and pending retraction. A blue light indicates cows that are milked in manual milking mode.

Operators focus on cows and maximize milking efficiency.
With IMMIX, operators easily move from cow to cow. One button automation at the base of each retraction cylinder. Exceptional visibility of milking status up and down each side of the parlor, lets operators focus on cows, not equipment. And when the focus is on cows, operators maximize milking efficiency and parlor throughput.

Smart, accurate and incredibly simple to adjust so you can optimize every milking.

Accurate high capacity sensing and unobstructed milk flow.
Harvesting the most milk from every cow requires reliable, accurate sensing and unobstructed milk flow. IMMIX milk flow sensors use electronic sensing that accurately detects milk flow. The uniquely designed, high capacity 7/8” all-in-one milk flow sensor incorporates a compressed air activated shut-off and provides stable vacuum to the teat. Even under peak milk flow rates from high producing cows.

Change settings in seconds with a keystroke at your computer.
IMMIX detachers are computer networked and controlled. All settings for the detachers, from milking delays to detach signals, can be changed in seconds with a keystroke at your computer. No need to open a stall control box in the parlor. No need to call a technician. No interruption of milking. You decide the settings to optimize milking, and fine-tune the settings to get the most out of every cow, every milking.

One control box and circuit board for two stalls.
Designed to be easy to install, service, and maintain.
Streamlined control simplifies installation, service, and maintenance.

Fewer control boxes and remote mounting for a streamlined installation.
Since only one IMMIX control box is needed for every two IMMIX detachers, and detacher controls are remotely mounted, milking systems installations are less complicated. Fewer wires and hoses compared to conventional detacher systems create less clutter at the stall and streamline the parlor installation. Plus with fewer controls and wires, IMMIX is easier to install, service, and maintain.

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