- Radiant Barrier Window Insulator


The IN'FLECTOR insulating panel is reversible, so the reflective surface can face outward during the seasons when solar gain is a problem, and the carbon PVC surface can face outward during cold seasons to reflect heat back into the building and collect convective sunlight for conversion to radiant heat. The panel is held in place with magnets which form a virtually air tight seal and inhibits infiltration, conduction and convection while providing additional dead air space for insulation.

In’Flector Window Summer Benefits and Values

In summer, In’Flector Radiant Barrier Window Insulator are positioned so that the reflective surfaces faces out and this rejects 72% of radiant heat (reducing the greenhouse effect in buildings); reflects 65% of solar gain back out through the window (reducing overheating in buildings); stops up to 90 % of damaging UV rays (reducing fading & sun damage); controls glare (especially for computers & televisions); provides daytime privacy (one way vision); provide cool day lighting with a view; reduces the load, wear, & maintenance on HVAC units. In’Flector reduces cooling demand which reduces energy consumption, saving you money.

  • Reduces utility costs!
  • Maintains and stabilizes indoor temperatures.
  • Creates a sealed dead air space between window and panel.
  • Reduces annoying glare on computers and televisions.
  • Blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays.
  • Reduces load, wear and maintenance on HVAC systems.
  • Reversible for year round comfort control.

Warm Weather Benefits - Silver Side Out

  • Keeps heat out and cool air in.
  • Reflects sunlight and radiant heat to reduce solar gain by 50%
  • Insulates against night time gain from conduction through glass.

Cold Weather Benefits - Dark Side Out

  • Absorbs sunlight and converts it to interior radiant heat.
  • Reduces night time thermal loss by 40%.
  • Reduces condensation.
  • Stops up to 71% of cold air infiltration.

IN'FLECTOR Insulators gives you all of these benefits for about half of the cost of replacement windows and with superior results. Call today for a free, no obligation in home estimate and make your home more comfortable while saving up to 40% off your heating and cooling costs!

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