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In-Vessel Composter



Enhanced Biosecurity by containing moralities and killing pathogens. In-Vessel Composter available in standard sizes (refer to chart). Several door sizes and options to fit your need. Designed to be loaded with a front loader/skid-steer. Composts organic materials such as food-waste, animal waste/manure, and animal mortalities. Accelerated compost times. Automatic and timed rotation and aeration. Minimal energy required electric power with 110V or solar powered available on some units. Naturally generated heat – no heater or heating element. Compost year round with a continuous flow method. Limit odor with enclosed aerobic composting. Greatly improve working conditions for those managing compost. No additives required, only needs the right Carbon to Nitrogen combination. Loading and Unloading Conveyors, optional. Electronic temperature and data recording, optional.

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