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Indoor Calf Pens


Smooth surfaces make cleaning and disinfecting easy. Free standing; does not require post.. Easy one person assembly and tear down. Strong rotomold construction. Lightweight with a 10 year warranty. Capable of being set up side by side and/or back to back, arrangements can be added to and rearranged at any time. Adjustable front panel that will grow with your calves or your bedding pack. Easy to put together on uneven surfaces. Individual panels sold separately to fit your needs. Front panel includes 2-10 quart buckets and bucket holders, with a feed/water divider to help keep feed fresh, bottle holder and hardware.

  • Solid back panel or with ventilation holes.
  • Nose guard to prevent nose to nose contact
  • Pen arch to convert a standard 4' wide pen to 8'
  • Goat gate to prevent the little ones from squeezing out 

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