Indoor Harvest, Corp.

- Precision Cultivation for Cannabis


The Indoor Harvest Modular Aeroponic Platform is a patent-pending, fixture-based design creating the most effective platform for precision cannabis cultivation. Up to 150% increase in biomass, zero soil use, 90% less water and nutrient use with the lowest cost of goods to commercially cultivate available today.


The craft of growing remains intact, it is a skill required to tune the tool we provide. We've simply replaced your soil and the bacteria and pathogens introduced to your crop that come with it.

The system comprises of seven primary fixture components that consist of an Aeroponic Growth Tray, Aeroponic Growth Lid, Aeroponic Spray Manifold, Aeroponic Pressure Manifold, Nutrient Delivery System, Water Reclamation and Recirculation System, Lift Station, LED lighting and HVAC integration. Each of these individual modular fixtures and components are combined to create custom configurations suitable for any form of facility, establishing a platform to grow consistent yields with varied potency and further controls for research.

  • Up to a 95% reduction in water usage.
  • Up to a 70% reduction in fertilizers.
  • Accelerated growth rate.
  • Increased biomass.
  • Increased photochemical content.
  • Sterile production. (by eliminating the need for growth mediums & substrates)

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