- Model BSC-50E - Ultra Low Power Wireless RTU System



BSC-50E is an ultra low power wireless RTU with data logging and alarming capabilities. The battery powered RTU incorporates a quad band GSM/GPRS modem, four digital inputs, two analog inputs, one pulse counter input and multiple excitation options for powering measuring transducers. A Lithium Thionyl battery provides autonomous operation for over 10 years.

The Infinite advantage

BSC-50E utilizes a dual processor architecture in order to combine extreme low power consumption with advanced processing and communication capabilities. A system controller (ultra low power MCU) performs measurement, data logging and alarm condition detection in continuous operation. A powerful communication processor, switched on and off by the system controller, performs data processing and controls communications through the internal wireless MODEM. The result is up to 50% power saving comparatively to respective units of the competition, while performing the same tasks.

Modes of operation

Modes of operation include power network independent battery operation and external power adapter supply operation for parameter setup.

Measurements & Data Logging

The digital inputs are scanned in closed loop by the system controller for detecting an alarm condition. Analog input scaling and alarm limits are user definable. The analog inputs are sampled according to the user defined sampling rate. Sampling rate and sampling duration affect the battery life according to the transducer power supply requirements.

Transducer excitation

The unit provides multiple excitation options for measuring transducers.

Alarming & messaging

SMS announcements include alarm induced messages and periodical status messages for verifying unit availability. The unit supports discrete recipient alarming for several users. Alarm message texts are user definable.

Setup and Remote Configuration

The unit can be programmed locally through the serial port or remotely via SMS by using simple ASCII configuration commands. The command set features commands for configuring input alarm parameters, scaling parameters and alarm limits, timing parameters and defining user groups. BSC-50E can be remotely reconfigured by sending configuration commands via SMS to the unit during the periodical status message processing.

  • Environmental telemetry
  • Power network fault monitoring
  • Waste water management
  • Security systems
  • Asset management
  • Greenhouse controls & irrigation systems
  • M2M systems

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