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The InfraStar RTW from Unity Scientific is the next generation analyzer specifically designed for the flour and agricultural markets. The InfraStar RTW is available in 2 wavelength configurations (1180 – 2180nm and 1400 - 2400nm) and is offered as a static top window or as a rotating top window.

The static top window design of the InfraStar provides increased flexibility for sample handling. Flour and other ground materials can be analyzed through a variety of sample cups by simply filling the cup and placing it on the window. The Unity Scientific Metal Powder Cup has been specially designed for the flour and agricultural industries to provide consistent sample presentation to the instrument. Consistent sample presentation is critical to accurate analysis.

The InfraStar is a scanning monochromator system that scans the wavelength range of 1180 – 2180nm or 1400-2400 nm depending on the model. This range encompasses the primary combination bands of C-H, N-H, and O-H bonds found in all major constituents such as moisture, protein, fat, and ash. Scanning data generated by the InfraStar allows for data pre-processing to reduce sample variation caused by particle size and temperature and helps improve calibration performance. MLR calibrations from legacy filter units from Bran+Luebbe, Perten, Dickey-john, and Zeutec can quickly be transferred to the InfraStar for immediate implementation. More accurate calibrations can then be developed using the scanning data generated by the InfraStar.

For those customers who wish to develop their own calibrations, Unity offers both the UCal and CalStar software for calibration development and database management. UCal is a new, state of the art software package that allows customers to develop very accurate calibrations through properly building and maintaining calibration databases. The CalStar software is an intuitive Windows™ based program, that allows for the development of both quantitative (MLR and PLS) and qualitative calibrations.

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