- Model “T” Type - Flat Roof Structure with Pillars



The “T” type structure has a flat roof with pillars every 4 or 5m (T-4×4 or T-5×5), both lateral and frontal sides. The pillar height could measure from 3 to 7m depending on the customer needs, even more to protect big trees. The T-5×5 model has more distance between pillars, so they are equipped with diagonal special reinforcements in order to brace from the pillars to the roof belts.

We can provide the structure with standard doors, or if the customer prefers without doors we can design convenient hollows of passage to access in. There are plenty mesh types for coverings: shade mesh, monofilament net or thermal mesh, and you can choose a complete covering (roof and all perimeter) or only the roof, according to the customer necessity. Furthermore, the “T-4×4” model (flat roof) is also possible to convert into a “P-8×4” by installing pillars and arch every 2m (besides of P-8 gutters and standard reinforcements), which characterizes the versatility of the ININSA products.

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