- Model P-9FV - Photovoltaic Multi-Span Greenhouse with Combined Roof



The Photovoltaic multi-span with combined roof is specially designed to support photovoltaic panels on the straight part of the roof, and the rest part of the roof could be installed by flexible or rigid covering material. In this greenhouse model are also available zenithal and sides ventilations and the other auxiliary accessories as for the rest of ININSA models.

The Photovoltaic P-9FV greenhouse model has been designed and developed by ININSA in collaboration with the Engineering Department of the “TOR VERGATA” University of Rome. This greenhouse model has been developed according to exacting parameters of calculation, introducing for the first time structural resistance in greenhouse design such as seismic resistance.

The main advantage of this model is that agricultural production and electrical energy are produced simultaneously, thanks to the photovoltaic panels placed on the part of the roofs. The energy obtained can be used in the greenhouse automatisms (motors, lights, equipments) besides of selling the surplus energy to electrical companies.

The Photovoltaic P-9FV greenhouse model has its framework completely hot-dip galvanized with zinc cover to prevent oxidation to high humidity inside. The assembly of this model is made without welding, so we will use a bridle joint strengthened by screws. This type of structure allows us to enlarge, both on lateral and frontal side, the greenhouse later throughout attaching new ININSA structures, with no need to dismantle the existing ones.

We offer a special type of zenithal ventilation for this greenhouse model that is called “Super-zenith Plus FV”. This window could be installed in every bay, even in alternating way. The opening system can be automated by a switchboard, climate controller and sensors. In relation to ventilation on the perimeter area, types of coverings and other equipments, the Photovoltaic P-9FV model has the same possibilities as the previous models.

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