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Natural Plant Conditioner against insect and Repellent. InseClear is a completely biodegradable contact fluid and repellent, mainly based on potassium salts of fatty acids and minerals of natural origin.
The fatty acids are derived from naturally plant oils which have been organically harvested. Dosage per 1000 litres of water: InseClear 5 / 6 or 8 litres. Use a minimum of 2000 litres and a maximum of 3000 litres water per hectare.

Repellents are products that make plants unattractive to all kinds of insects. These insects will avoid areas of the leaves that have been treated with this product.  The best repellents will provide protection from sucking insects for a certain period of time.  This can be done by one application. Insects need the protein found in leaves to develop. Plants are attracted to insects by odors and carbon dioxide from breathing.
The active ingredients in InseClear make the plants unattractive for insects. Repellents are only effective on short distances from the treated surface, so you can still see insects flying nearby.

Effects and advantages:

  • InseClear can have a negative effect on some of the natural predators.
  • After treatment the natural predators can be used again, wait until the plants are dry again.
  • InseClear has no waiting period and crops can be harvested immediately.

Suitable for all kinds of plants (vegetable- flower- house-garden- and ornamental)
*For specific advice, please contact your product advisor.

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