- Lepidoptera Control in Fruits and Grapes



Lepidoptera control in fruits and grapes, based on ovicidal activity. Ideally suited for resistance management.

  • Additional brands: COMPLYT, LUFOX, LOGIC
  • Active ingredient: Fenoxycarb
  • Mode of action: Fenoxycarb acts by contact and ingestion. It disrupts the insect transformations and therefore has the same biological effect as natural insect growth regulators. It acts at the points where the pest normally changes its form. With lepidoptera, it disrupts the transformation from egg to larva (ovicidal effect) and from larva to pupa (morphogenetic effect). Fenoxycarb's mode of action is different from most of the IGR's, which are chitin synthesis inhibitors or molting accelerators.
  • Targets: Lepidoptera
  • Main crops: Pome and stone fruits, grapes and nuts
  • Geography: Mainly Europe
  • Date of first launch: 1985

Main customer benefits:

  • Excellent control of codling moth and leafrollers
  • Fully compatible with IPM and IRM
  • In combination with lufenuron, INSEGAR gives excellent control of grape berry moth.

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