Installation, Workover and Control Systems (IWOCS)


An installation workover control umbilical is used to provide temporary hydraulic connections, electrical power/control, and chemical supply to subsea trees and related hardware. Complete IWOC systems are designed for both rig and vessel based operations and have unique characteristics allowing them to withstand multiple deployments during their operational life.

  • Extensive track record
  • Inherent load bearing capabilities
  • Broad hose and cable catalog

Oceaneering’s IWOCS rental portfolio is the largest in the world and the system results in greater than 99% uptime. Oceaneering has completed more than 800 jobs and has 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and providing IWOCS services. Our IWOCS umbilicals can be supplied as part of a fully-functional workover system or integrated into a customer’s existing IWOCS reeler.

  • Oceaneering’s field proven catalog of critical IWOCS umbilical components are designed and manufactured in-house to meet reliability and uptime requirements
  • Umbilicals are compatible with clamped riser, guide wire, and LARS open water deployment methods
  • High pressure thermoplastic hoses overcome reservoir pressures and deliver fast system response times
  • Broad chemical compatibility with commonly used fluids (supported by historical test data)
  • Fiber reinforced umbilicals provide lightweight, fatigue resistant protection to internal components during deployment

  • Strength member: Fiber reinforced using braided or helical application of aramid
  • Manufacturing length capabilities: 11,000 ft / 3,300 m typical, longer lengths can be provided, if necessary
  • Maximum allowable installation tension, breaking tension and crush load: Designed to meet requirements
  • Axial, bending, and torsional stiffness Optimized during design
  • Tension / Torsion Factor: Minimized during design
  • Design life: 25 years, as standard. Operational life and deployment cycles subject to analysis.
  • Industry specification compliance:
  • ISO 13628-5 / API 17E
  • NORSOK U-001
  • DNV-OS-F101

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