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Insulated Bonded Panels



Bonded Panels Systems have designed and developed their Bonded Panels for use specifically in the pig and poultry sector where they are mainly used as housing wall panels. They are suitable for a wide variety of purposes within the wider agricultural sector.

Excellent insulation

The bonded panels are manufactured from a high quality GRP and have a wooden frame and uniquely designed high quality PVC base board. The panels have excellent insulation properties ensuring optimum temperature conditions for animals in all weathers. The insulation value of the bonded panel is around twice that of conventional panels available to farmers due to the unique design and high quality RHM insulating materials used, thereby increasing the thermal value of the panel.

Protective PVC and Wooden Frame
The bonded panels have a protective plastic coating on their ground facing surface which prevents damp from penetrating them and affecting the wooden frame enclosure. This panel is enclosed on all sides by the wooden frame which is important as it is very effective in defending against attack from vermin and making structures less susceptible to harbouring pig disease and insect intrusion. The Brazilian Soya Beetle is a particular threat as it eats the insulation of panels, weakening the structure and degrading the thermal value. Bonded panels protect against this and other harmful insects.

Hygienic Solution

Another key advantage of the panels is that they are extremely hygenic. The panels are produced in a single large section which significantly reduces the number of joins making them easy to clean and provides further protection against the risk of harbouring and spreading unwanted bacteria and disease. The standard bonded panels are 2.4 metres wide by 6.0 metres high but customised panels up to 8.0 metres wide and 8.5 metres high are also available. The maximum size depends on the particular function and position of the panel but our team will be happy to discuss individual requirements and provide advice on the best solution for you.

Robust and Versatile

The panels have been specifically designed to ensure they are robust and can withstand the demands of housing livestock. There is an option for an additional stainless steel layer up to 1.2m to further strengthen the panels and prevent any damage. This is recommended for housing larger animals.

Low Maintenance

The outside of the panels have a green embossed finished. There is little to no maintenance required therefore on the outside of the panel and the white fibreglass finish to the inside provides a bright and clean environment. Panels can be finished in different colours and textures if required.

Customised to Your Requirements

The Bonded panels can be supplied to accommodate windows, doors, air inlets and other internal fittings. We manufacture all these fittings to a high standard and are also finished with a wooden surround. Our design team will work with you to create detailed and customised plans to meet your particular requirements.

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