Madero Dairy Systems Inc.

Madero Dairy Systems Inc.

- Model M - Rotary System



The desing of this Rotary System allows the milker to stand closer to the platform, with a determined height to reach and attach the milking unit to the cow with no problem and minimum movement because of parlor's rotation . This allows a higher work capacity per milker (less milkers), thus ensuring a fast , efficient and comfortable milking.

Galvanized or Stainless Steel Platform:

Reinforzed stainless steel floor, wide, special connections for pulsation and milk hoses.

Unlike concret floors, the stainless steal or galvanized floors have higher resistance to chemicals products (iodine, chlorine, detergents and etc.) and an easier cleaning; therefore ensuring a longest life time of your parlor and a best equipment cleaning.

Wide Open Access

Mechanical and electronic components are located under the platform to ensure a problem-free operation.

Wide-open access for an
easy and quick service

Platform Skirt:

The skirt is made of stainless steel, sealed at its lower base to fully protect the equipment and accessories found under the platform of the humidity, shock and damages, etc.

Heavy duty drive unit

Roles high strength steel with lateral adjustment accuracy. Roles are not sealed and easy access and maintenance support beam, which is the foundation that enables movement of the rotary.

Heavy-duty drive unit, specially designed for this rotary system; positioned below the platform, in a dry and clean environment to ensure the correct fonctioning of the unit.

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