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Intelligent Heat Lamp



The cheapest solution, that gives the best results for piglets and weaners, is to shut off the floor heating and use intelligent heat lamps. The explanation is simple: When the pigs is not under the cover, the lamp will keep the floor warm - when the pigs are under the cover they keep the floor warm themselves.

There is a lot of other reasons to get rid of the floor heat:

  • Floor heat is expensive to establish
  • Floor heat is slow and causes heat stress to the sows in summer
  • The 50 Watt recommended for floor heat is free of charge when the pigs lie at the floor. A piglet produces approx. 10 Watt, so in a creep with 12 piglets there is already 10 * 12 = 120 Watt. So there is no reason to pay for 150 Watt from the lamp, when 30 Watt is enough.
  • Floor heat 'steals' the heat from the pigs who need it the most. The circulating water removes heat from the warmest creep and bring it to the coolest, meaning from the small to the bigger piglets.
  • Floor heat gives more draft in the creep than radiation heat:

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