Internal Dimensions of the Chassis


Internal dimensions of the chassiS. Width: 1.25m. Length: 5,20m. Overall width: from 2.10m to 2.49m, depending on the tyres. Equipped with 4 wheels mounted on swinging arms. In this way the trailer has great flexibility, both in the orchards and on the road. These swinging arms attached to an articulated arm operated by two hydraulic jacks, make it possible to raise the trailer for transport, all this being linked to a large cross-section tubular chassis.  The drawbar is also articulated, adjusted by a double-action jack, thus keeping the load horizontal. All the hydraulic circuit is by a distributor with 4 levers operated from the tractor seat.

  • First of all, the bins are taken out from between the rows of fruit trees.
  • They are lined up in groups of 12 to 15.
  • After having removed the rear cross-piece, which holds the two forks in place during transport, manually or hydraulically, the bin loading machine is backed off.
  • The 2 forks are slid under the bins, and the hydraulic door can now be closed.
  • Then the 3 jacks can be put under pressure to lift the trailer platform to the desired height (maximum elevation 0.50m).

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