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- Model IRRInet-M AC - Remote Terminal Unit



IRRInet M supports 3 operation modes: RTU - A Remote Terminal Unit performing irrigation/water control functions and reporting to the IRRInet Control Center (ICC) Software. Remote I/O - Serving as a “slave” distributed I/O for a “master” unit that performs all irrigation and water control functions. Stand Alone - Performing irrigation and water control functions as a stand-alone unit.

Integral part of the IRRInet and ICC Solution
IRRInet M is compatible with the ICC (IRRInet Control Center) Software and with all IRRInet line of products.

I/O Capacity

  • Basic model: 12 outputs, 4 inputs
  • Expansion: 12 outputs, 4 inputs
  • Expansion: 4 Analog Inputs, 3 Digital Inputs ,1 Analog Output

Communication Options

  • RS232 (e.g. for Serial Communication, GPRS, Wi-Fi, WiMAX etc.)
  • RS485 (e.g. for Parallel Communication)
  • UHF/VHF Radio
  • Multidrop Wireline

IRRInet M Capacity

  • 200 outputs and 250 inputs
  • 200 programs
  • 125 main lines
  • 200 groups

Remote Connectivity

  • On-site and remote programming

Piccolo XR Connectivity

  • The IRRInet M may be connected to a PIU (Piccolo XR Interface Unit) and activate Piccolo XR units

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