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The profit-friendly conveyor solution - Your greenhouse floor space is valuable. Traditional conveyor systems use belt systems which casts shade where you would otherwise be able to grow. Our conveyors utilize a cable system which allows light in - resulting in the maximizing of space. Increases Growing Area Saves Time Easy to Install Simple to Operate Durable.

  • Drum Construction - In creating the Invisi-Veyor, we borrowed a key technological advantage from our ECHO system. Similar to the ECHO, your conveyor operates on a set of drums at either end of the bay. This simple, efficient design makes the Invisi-Veyor incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

  • Flexibility - By arranging our cable pattern less than 6 inches apart, our system easily handles both trays and individual pots. 

  • Speed - Time is critical when setting and harvesting your plants. The Invisi-Veyor will reduce your need for labor, while ensuring you still make shipping deadlines. 

  • Economical - The cost of the system typically goes for around $20 per linear foot, as compared to $75 to $90 for a conventional solid belt system. Tried and true, the Invisi-Veyor will increase efficient product handling and will provide long term labor cost savings. Installation is simple and maintenance is minimal.

  • Control -  The controller is easy to use and ties into photo sensors to avoid collision or pile–ups. Its multi-dimensional movement makes the system adaptable to any situation.

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