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In the history of irrigation machines HÜDIG set the benchmark. Since almost more than 100 years the experiences coming from the agriculture are used in our engineering and in the developing of our irrigation products. The target specifications of our irrigation machines are expressed by the user directly to our engineering-department. Beside a reliable operational method, a simple handling and short set-up time are the criteria for the decision to investigate in Hüdig irrigation equipment. The machines are used in the agricultural irrigation, in the sewage treatment and for the dust-control in the surface mining. A total of 3,500 operating hours p.a. are no curiosity.  The HÜDIG - Irrigation Machines persuade by a perfected technique and the used long-lasting components. There are still several reliable HÜDIG irrigation machines for now than 30 years and more in operation.

General Dates
Length mm:2100
Width mm:1400
Height mm:1400
Gauge mm:-
Empty Weight kg:480
Chassis Clearance mm:436

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