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The better the quality of the water you give your livestock, the more the animals will drink, producing a better yield and better quality meat, eggs and milk. The bottom line benefit of using the IRONpro system for your livestock water treatment is this: Better water means more water consumption, which means better nutrient absorption, which translates into lower feed costs, higher production yield, and better quality products. When cows, hogs, turkeys and chickens drink more water, they take up more protein and gain more weight. For example, for every gallon of water that a hogs drinks, it eats 4 pounds of food and gains 1 pound of weight. In addition, using well water, as opposed to municipal water supplies, reduces costs significantly. The IRONpro livestock water treatment system will make this an affordable option for you.

IRONpro Livestock Water Treatment System Gets Results

  • Better water means more water consumption.
  • More water consumption means better nutrient absorption.
  • Better nutrient absorption means lower feed costs and higher production yield.

Why IRONpro is Superior to Other Systems

No other livestock watering system can furnish treated water as fast as as the IRONpro system, which is on demand and instantaneous. Other systems, such as chemical-based treatment, take at least 20 minutes to be effective. In addition, chemical systems are highly variable and need constant adjustment to account for the level of contaminants and the barometric pressure.

One difference between the IRONpro and competing systems is that IRONpro media beds never wear out or get used up (as is the case with carbon filters). Some material is lost in the backwash process, so it will need to be replenished every four to five years. IRONpro technicians monitor this for all customers.

Our livestock watering systems are customized and tailored to the needs of the customer. The principal difference among customers is the volume of water they need. The IRONpro system can be built to handle anything from 5 to 5,000 gallons per minute. We also take into account whether you need water intermittently or continuously throughout the day.

Advantages of the IRONpro Livestock Watering System

  • Our media beds don't wear out.
  • Our livestock watering system is scalable and customized to the needs of our customer.
  • Our system is instantaneous and on demand.

Problems Solved by the IRONpro System  for Livestock Water

Excess consumption of dissolved iron from groundwater causes problems in livestock, particularly cattle. When you consider that a fully producing dairy cow can drink up to 50 gallons of water a day, you can see that this leads to a considerable amount of iron intake.

When iron dissolved in groundwater is ingested by cows, it can cause iron toxicity. Excess iron retained in the tissues can cause cell membranes to disintegrate and generally depress the immune system, giving lower milk yield. The iron also interferes with absorption of other essential trace elements, particularly zinc and copper. More frequent instances of retained placentas, mastitis, and metritis can occur, as well.

High iron content also makes water unpalatable to the cows, so they drink less water and consequently eat less feed, reducing milk or meat yield.

The livestock watering IRONpro system is highly effective in elimination iron, manganese and sulfur compounds from your livestock water supply.

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