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IRRIDOSEUR is a sophisticated electronic hose reel management system that provides an unmatched level of control of water application.

The user is able to pre-program up to five different applications over the course of a run and also inform the Irridoseur of any change in elevation over the run so that any gain or loss of raingun pressure can be allowed for. The Irridoseur even allows for the change in friction loss along the hose as the hose is rewound on to the drum compared to when it is all laid flat on the ground.

By also taking into account the connection pressure at the reel and the nozzle size in the raingun the Irridoseur is able to automatically determine the flow rate through the machine.  Based on the spacing between runs the Irridoseur automatically calculates the rewind speed required to apply the desired application and by virtue of the real time clock with day and date capability it displays the exact time and day.  The current run will be completed, as well as the remaining time in hours and minutes.

Alternatively the user may directly program the time he wants the run to end and the Irridoseur will display the depth of water that will be applied.

It is also possible to fit an optional pressure transducer to the Irridoseur to that any variation in connection pressure can be monitored.  If this is the case the Irridoseur can be set to act on any change in pressure and re-calculate the rewind speed to maintain the required application.  Otherwise, or if running to a programmed finish time the rewind speed will remain constant.

All the time the Irridoseur is working it is logging the hours run and the water applied.  this is recorded on a daily and cumulative basis and can be accessed via the display or down loaded to a printer for hard copy.  Because the Irridoseur has the ability to store up to ten separate programs it is possible to build up a record of when individual fields were irrigated, how much water was applied and how long it took.

Periods of irrigation with the raingun static at the beginning and end of a run (delayed start and stop) can also be independently programmed in minutes, or the Irridoseur can be told to calculate them automatically.

Irridoseur is normally set to start automatically when the water pressure arrives but in the case of a pressurised system it can be connected to a live distribution main and be programmed to start automatically at a set time on any day of the following week.

Irridoseur is powered by a 12V DC re-chargeable dry cell battery and a solar panel connected via a voltage regulator and includes a small back-up battery to maintain the memory in the event of a main battery being disconnected.

Irridoseur communicates with the user in English via an illuminated L.C.D. screen which guides the user through the programming sequence and displays helpful messages in the event of abnormal operating conditions.

There is also a built in diagnostic program to test all of the sensors and solenoid valves in the event of maintenance being required.

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