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- Model TD2500-300 - Traveller Irrigation System



Agriculture: Small to medium crops, pastures and dairy farms Turf Irrigation: Golf, race courses, playing fields and gardens Dust Control: Mining and construction sites

  • Heavy duty design
  • Fully hot dip galvanised chassis and hose reels – stainless frame
  • Travelshut-off mechanism
  • High efficient turbine: Depending on the water volume and pressure the turbine nozzle can be easily changed without tools. Delivers high torque at low RPMs even near end of run.
  • 3-speed Italian made gear box: By adjusting the most efficient turbine rotation and speed, you can save energy.
  • Sensitive speed control: Extremely wide range of speed for any crop and application.
  • Solar energy powered LED light and safety lamp: Enables night time irrigation.
  • Manual brake system
  • Digital travel speed and turbine rotation tachometers
  • Automatic winch spooling system: Provides perfectly rolled cable and extends cable’s life span
  • Cable Drum Rewind Handle for easy cable retrieval on an aborted run and to take up slack cable prior to start-up.
  • Hose reels (Optional up to 2 hose reels): The hose reels can be indepedently operated.
  • Portable: IRRIFORCE is ideal for irrigating widely scattered areas. They can be towed from field to field or farm to farm.
  • Excellent Water Uniformity: The continuous movement of the sprinkler and traveller irrigator provides a perfect uniformy and even water distribution.
  • Long Life & Simple Maintenance: The units are built from long life components and require a minimum of maintenance. Spare parts and backup service available.
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Very low labour requirement: IRRIFORCE can easily be operated by one man and the labour consists mostly of driving a tractor.
  • Compact Concept: Three wheels provide great mobility.
  • Extendible wheel bars: Provide stability and make the IRRIFORCE suitable for narrow paths
  • The turbine provides the high torque to pull the IRRIFORCE & Hose along the cable in tough conditions.
  • IRRIFORCE develops the power as a result of water flow, not pressure. Therefore it can be operated at low pressures.
  • Three speed heavy duty type; Italian made gear box coupled to the turbine provides IRRIFORCE with a wide range of travel speeds to suit your particular crop water requirements and allows you to save a lot of energy.
  • The volume of water entering the turbine is controlled by a diverter valve, which when used with the three speed gearbox, provides the IRRIFORCE with infinite range of travel speeds to suit differing crop water requirements.
  • The turbine’s RPM and travelling speed is read on accurate digital tachometers.

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