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- Model SOL K-12 - Weather Responsive SMART Irrigation Controller


The Irrigatia SOL K-12 waters automatically every 3 hours. The amount applied depends on 2 factors - how much sunshine there has been and the position of the control knob. The pump can be set up to water large or small plants, but will always apply more water in sunnier conditions. The SOL-K12 kit comprises 12 drippers and 15m of tube and is suitable for beds, baskets, row crops, pots, grow bags, specimen plants and tree establishment. It supplies enough water for 5 large hanging baskets or 12 x 10 litre pots. If you want more drippers than this, then you will need to purchase the 12 dripper extension kit which will let you water up to 24 x 5 litre pots. When using 24 drippers then all the dripper heights should be within 1 metre of each other, although they can still be up to 5 metres above the water source.

IRR-15T-12D: 12 dripper extension kit - contains 12 drippers, 15m tubing, 12 stakes, 12 tees

IRR-SH12: Seep hose kit - connects seep hose to the dripper to irrigate through the seep hose - contains 12m seep hose, 12 stoppers, 2 connectors, 12 stakes

IRR-30T: 30m extension tube - extends the tube run from water source - (max 60m from water source to last dripper)

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