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The Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer “enhances irrigation water” by causing the water molecules to lose their ability to bond with one another and any foreign contaminates contained therein. This is done through a unique process of ionization. The Irrigation Enhancer performs this process by utilizing frequencies to break bonds and strip valence electrons from the water and foreign contaminates, it then sends these electrons to a dedicated ground rod. The water is broken down into individual water molecules that repel one another and no longer encapsulate the foreign contaminates present in the water. Everything can best be described as being in a positively charged ionized state. This enhanced water penetrates all soil types much more effectively. The common problem of water channeling caused by surface tension is also eliminated.

The ionized or enhanced water and micro-nutrients are much more easily absorbed through the plant’s root system and transported to the furthest part of the plant. This significantly reduces the stress on the plant, increases the overall plant health and enables the plant to produce more with less water.


This technology is far more advanced than others claiming to magnetize or induce electrical charges into the water to get marginal results. We have taken the process of enhancing irrigation water a huge step further by ionizing the water before, at point of treatment and after the water flows through our Irrigation enhancer system. Our technology works as an electron sync and by grounding the unit we have created a way to effectively strip electrons from the water as long as it is still in continuity with the system. Eco1st Enhanced water remains in the positively charged ionized state for the entire duration needed for the plant to uptake the water and micro-nutrients. No other technology accomplishes this result and we can confidently say that our technology is the Industry Leader.

  • Reduce Water Use
  • Increase Plant Health
  • Increase Crop Yields
  • Increase Product Quality
  • Increase Water Penetration – All Soil Types
  • Neutralize Adverse Effects of Foreign Contaminates
  • Neutralize Adverse Effects of High Salinity Irrigation Water

The amount of water necessary to achieve maximum crop yield is reduced when the Irrigation Enhancer is used. “Enhanced water” is more readily available to the plant at the time the plant needs it, reducing the overall stress on the plant. Plants irrigated with Eco1st Enhanced water are healthier plants that produce much greater yields. Additionally healthy plants are less attractive to insects as well. The yield increases our customers have reported to us range from 25 to 100% as described in our case studies and our customer testimonials. The yield increase and other benefits typically correlate directly with the existing soil and or water challenges on the farm. When the soil conditions, water conditions or a combination of the two are moderate to poor the Irrigation Enhancer is most effective and therefore provides the greatest benefits. The typical return on investment is within the first or second growing season depending on the size of the farm, crop type and conditions of the water and soil.

All of the benefits described above are achieved without any outside power source, user adjustment, consumable parts, or chemicals. The Irrigation Enhancer does not add any additional resistance to flow and is built to meet the line size and flow rate requirements of the Customer. The Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer is backed by our 10 year limited manufacturer warranty

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