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Irrigation & Farming requires controlled water flow in numerous applications. Maric Flow Control Valves are often used in the following applications: Centrifugal pump protection - Maric Flow controllers can prevent cavitation or thrust bearing damage caused from excessive flow rate - refer Pump Protection (Centrifugal). Too high a flow rate can damage pumps when: Gate valve is unwittingly opened. High standing water table exists at start-up. Pipework is empty at start-up. Capacity of bore deteriorates below current pumping rate. Pipework bursts. Pump is required for two different flow rate duties.

  • When an authority enforces limits to, (or reduced) pumping rates, with a non-adjustable valve.
  • Preventing electric motor overload – limiting pump output also limits power draw and potential overload tripping.
  • Preventing nuisance low-pressure motor tripping - often caused by too high a demand from too many irrigation blocks open at the one time. (It can be a long walk or drive to re-start pumps!).
  • Fertiliser dosing for irrigation – refer Irrigation & Farming page 13 for more information
  • Vitamin dosing for stock – dosing equipment.
  • Prevent pumps from tripping on overload
  • Equitable distribution over vast distances (cap and pipe the bore schemes) – provides an economical means of distributing water to numerous properties over vast distances. Limiting flow to a known maximum flow rate will ensure mains pressure is maintained and the last property will receive their allocation.
  • Irrigation Water Treatment – Backwash flow rate control
  • Sprinkler control – over-spraying wastes water and under-spraying wastes time (ensures consistent output irrespective of sprinkler elevation or available pressure.)
  • Tank/water trough fill rate control – Limiting flow to known maximum flow rate, will ensure adequate line pressure to the end of the water main.

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