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The Briggs brand of hosereels is based on the tried and tested Ocmis range, imported and adapted especially for the UK market. Each machine goes through a rigorous assembly, pre delivery inspection and testing program prior to despatch to ensure trouble free commissioning and ease of operation. Each of the highly efficient turbine powered units is packed with advanced features and the standard specification of all models is high. Even the smallest machines have hydraulic lifting for the trolley and are fitted with the latest Program Rain 10-12 controller.  Hosereels are available in sizes to suit every farm, from 63/200 to 125/750. See technical spec for full model list. Numerous options are available including 4 wheel chassis, fully galvanised drum, full hydraulic package and remote SMS monitoring and control. (see 'Options' tab above)  

Hosereels for amenity

Briggs Irrigation can supply a range of different size hosereels with rainguns or booms for irrigating large  areas of turf.

Hosereels, booms and gun trolleys are supplied with turf wheels, hydraulic pick up of trolley (or boom), Program Rain 10-12 controller and vari-angle raingun.

Standard equipment on all models
  • Program Rain 10-12 controller.

  • Ball valve on end cap to relieve pressure in delivery hose.

  • Slow reverse vari-angle raingun with set of 4 nozzles & pressure gauge.
  • Turbine mounted on the gearbox with built-in bypass.
  • Pressure gauge and pressure switch on hosereel inlet.
  • Large storage tray mounted on chassis.
  • 7m heavy-duty flexible connection pipe.
  • Water inlet shut-off valve.
  • High capacity in-line stone filter.
  • Galvanised offset or centre pull gun trolley mounted on variable track pneumatic wheels (1.4-2.2 metres).
  • Safety guards.
  • Mechanical jack (hydraulic on VR7 & VR8).
  • Hydraulic lifting of trolley & support legs.
  • Galvanised chassis.
  • PTO winding device.
Standard equipment on R1/1
  • Hydraulic lifting of trolley
  • Mechanical support legs
Standard equipment on R2 & VR3
  • As per R1/1+
  • Hydraulic lifting of trolley and support legs.
Standard equipment on VR4
  • As per VR3 +
  • Hydraulic rotation of turntable.
Standard equipment on VR5
  • As per VR4+
  • Large Vredestein flotation wheels (size 400/60-15.5)
Standard equipment on VR7
  • As per VR5 +
  • Hydraulic jack.
Standard equipment on VR8
  • As per VR7+
  • Four-wheel chassis with 4xflotation wheels.
  • Hose retraction by double chain drive.

Hydraulic rotation & hydraulic support legs

Hydraulic device to rotate the drum in line with the direction of planting.  Standard on machines VR4 and larger.

Hydraulic Drawbar Jack, hydraulic rotation and support legs

Hydraulic version of the standard mechanical jack.  Standard on machines VR7 and larger.

Large wheels

More stability and lower ground pressure are available with this option.

4 wheel chassis

Available on all models from R4/1 and larger.

Offset Gun Trolley

The hosereel pipe remains in the wheeling which eliminates damage to the crop and reduces the power required to pull out the hose.

Vari-angle raingun

Standard on all gun trolleys and complete with pressure gauge and range of nozzles. In windy conditions reducing the raingun angle can increase the throw of the raingun significantly.

3 point linkage towing bar

This is required for pulling out offset gun trolleys where the pulling point is behind the tractor wheel. There is also a large pin which locates in the hosereel drawbar for moving the hosereel between runs.

In line filter

Can be supplied in 3, 3.5, & 4' size with male/female Bauer type couplings. There is an easily removable high capacity cone filter inside the housing.


Drawbar mounted compressor designed to exhaust the water from the PE hose to reduce the weight of the hosereel for transport and make pulling out the PE hose easier.

Flashing beacon

Flashing red light which is set to flash when the PE hose is pulled out within 20 metres of its full length to warn the operator to stop pulling.

Diesel engine / hydraulic drive

For use in the following situations:

  1. Where the pressure is not sufficient to operate a turbine.
  2. When very high retraction speeds are required.
  3. When very low flow rates are required.
  4. For irrigating dirty water or slurry which would cause blockages in a turbine drive machine.
SMS Alert and Control

The Hosereel SMS Control and Alert system has been developed to give growers more efficient use of their irrigation systems by avoiding down time. On modern farms a lot of land may be situated many miles from the farm base and this system which is designed, developed and built in the UK will alert the operator of a problem and enables remote interrogation and control of the hosereel irrigator.

The system is designed to be used from mobile phone and can be fitted to any new or existing machine with the Program Rain 10-12 Control panel.

The system is designed to be as simple as possible for the operator. The only information required is the phone number of the unit and some simple text commands.

Fully Galvanised Drum

Fully galvanised drum as well as chassis.

Braked Axles

Tractor operated brakes optional on VR4, VR5, VR7, VR8.

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