Irrigation Pipe Gates



The new and improved 'Yellow Top' gate features an all newly designed gasket, making it more flexible and resistant to problems that may occurs from the most adverse operating conditions. This gate handles a large volume of water flow. . . up to 85 GPM with a 42' head. And it opens, adjusts and closes easily from a standing position with just the tap of a stick.


  • YELLOW TOP: Made of high-strength, long-lasting natural polypropylene. Reinforcing ribs help insure against breakage.
  • BOTTOM: Spring tension holds the gate firmly in any position in which the gate is set. Gasket is firmly molded to the bottom, holding it tightly against the pipe.
  • GASKET: New, improved design of molded synthetic rubber. This new material is more flexible, conforms more readily to the contour of the pipe, thus preventing leaks and seepage.

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