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- Hand Roll Sprinkler System


Hand Roll Irrigation System is similar to Side Roll Irrigation System, but no power unit. It can operate manually by single worker with double wheel fixed in the middle of the system.


Hand Roll Pipe: All Pipes used are 4”x 6M extruded Aluminum Pipes.

Sprinkler: 3/4”Full circle brass sprinklers mounted on leveler with 12M interval on the system.

Wheels: All wheels are made with hot deep galvanized, fixed on the system with 12M interval. Two wheels each fixed on both end of the system for better alignment.
Irriline Hand Roll: Wheel’s heights can be 158Cm / 193Cm

Connection to Hydrant: Hand Roll Irrigation System connecting to Hydrant by 4” x 6M Flexible hose with 10 Bar Pressure and UV resistance.

Length of the System: Hand Roll Irrigation System available from 72M to 192M long

Covering Area: Irrigating area covered by a Hand Roll Irrigation System is depends on length of farm, soil and climate. Refer to data table below:


Hand Roll Irrigation System: it is Side Roll without power unit with max 156M length for small farms. It is easy to move by a single person without any difficulty. Hand Roll is useful for wheat, Barely, Alfa Alfa, Potato, Sugar-beat, Soybean, Grass etc..

Hand Roll is connected to Hydrant by 4” x 6M Flexible Hose.
The dimension of each pipe is 4” x 6M and it has one wheel with 193Cm diameter.In this case the distance between ground and pipe will be 93Cm and sprinkler will be in 110Cm high from the earth.
Distance between 2 Sprinklers are 12M and movement will be 3 turn of the wheels which is 18M. Each sprinklers mounted on the pipe by leveler for keeping the vertical position of it.

  • Sprinkler
    Each 6M Pipe have a sprinkler with Protection cap fixed with leveler to keep the position of the sprinklers vertical
  • Coupler
  • Flexible Hose
  • Stabilizer
  • End Plug
  • Drain Valve


Flexible Hose:
4” x 6M UV Treated flexible hose connected from middle or one end of the Hand Roll (Depends on the length of the Hand Roll) to supply water from Hydrant to Machine


Strong stabilizer for windy climate and long term parking


 End Plug:
 Manual Valve for Cleaning the Line


Drain Valve:
Drain Valve fixed on each female coupler to discharge the water automatically when the hydrant is closed

Hand Roll is an aluminum pipe (lateral) mounted on large wheels. The Hand Roll irrigates in place (does not move while irrigating) and it is moved from position to position between irrigation runs. An air-cooled gasoline engine provides the required power to move the aluminum sprinkler line across the field. The aluminum pipe is connected to hydrants by a flexible hose. The hydrants are usually spaced every 18 meters (60′) along the supply line (mainline). The supply line may be located along one edge or in the center of the field.

The Hand Roll is very simple to operate. When an irrigation run is finished, the operator simply turns off the mainline valve and disconnects the flexible hose. The drain valves automatically drain the pipe due to the reduced pressure. The operator then manually moves the line and rolls the pipe to the next hydrant position along the field, reconnects the flexible hose, turns on the water and starts the next irrigation run. The whole operation of repositioning takes about 20 minutes for a single person. When the Motoroll has reached the last position at the end of the field, it is driven back to the starting point for the next irrigation cycle.

  • Pipe
    A. 100 mm x 12 m x 1.8 mm ( 4″ x 40′ x 0.071″) extruded aluminum pipe with male and female couplers.
    B. 100 mm x 12 m x 1.8 mm ( 4″ x 40′ x 0.071″) extruded aluminum pipe with male and female couplers..
  • Hose Set
  • Couplers
  • Sprinklers
  • Wheels
  • End Plug
  • Stabilizers

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