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The IRRILINE Side Roll (a.k.a. Motoroll, Roll Line, Wheel Line, Wheel Move) is a mechanized sprinkler irrigation system, capable of operating well in most soils and irrigating most crops, except tall crops such as sugar cane and corn. Side Roll is an ideal choice for modern technical irrigation in any location, especially in areas with high labor costs. The system can easily be operated and maintained, and there is no need for highly skilled technical support personnel. The Motoroll is an efficient and economical system in small fields, and the cost per hectare/acre is relatively low.

The Side Roll consists of  rigidly coupled aluminum pipes mounted on large wheels with the pipe acting as an axel. The drive unit contains an 8 HP  gasoline engine and a transmission with a reverse gear.

The system can be up to 490 m in length. The most popular Side Roll is 400 m and contains 35 sprinklers, 100 mm (4') diameter pipe, and operating pressure of about 4 atmosphere (60 psi) at the inlet.

To learn more about Side Roll, please see Features,  Specifications, Operation, and Performance.

Side Roll: One of the safest and most reliable mechanized sprinkler irrigation systems available

The  Irriline Side Roll is easy to understand, operate and maintain, and there is no need for complex technical support for this mechanized sprinkler irrigation system.

Rigidly coupled high quality 100 mm (4') diameter extruded aluminum tubes, mounted on large wheel with the pipe acting as an axel. Pipes are about 12 m (40') long and 1.8 mm (0.071') thick.  In each side of the drive unit, pipes are about 6 m (20') long and 2.2 mm (0.087') thick, providing more strength and stability. The system can be up to 490 m (1608') in length, but variation in length can be ordered. Our heavy-duty extruded aluminum pipes meet or exceed ASAE (American Society of Agricultural Engineers) standards for aluminum sprinkler irrigation tubing (S263.3).

Mover Unit
The Irrican Motoroll is repositioned by a hydraulic power mover. The mover unit, located in the center of the aluminum line, combines an 8 HP air-cooled gasoline engine, hydraulic system with motors, hoses and gears, and heavy duty frame and high quality steel chain for easy movement and alignment.

Sprinklers, from the premier manufacturers of the industry, are mounted on self-levelers, to keep the sprinklers always right side up, and have protection cups to prevent clogging.

made of high quality die cast aluminum, and designed for easy and quick line assembly and take down.

Drain Valves
Located on each female coupler, drain valves automatically drain the pipe when the water is turned off, and seal when the water is turned on.
Note: The system must be completely drained before repositioning.

End Plug
One-piece die cast flush plug with splash guard. It is easy to clean any debris and trash with the manual control valve.

heavy-duty hot dip galvanized steel wheels with 3 mm cleats provide great strength and easy movement. There are different sizes to choose from: 1.47 m (58'), 1.93 m (76'), and 2.85 m (112') in diameter, providing more flexibility for various crop clearances.

Flexible Hose
Special long-lasting 100 mm x 6 m (4' x 20') UV-resistant flexible hose is used to connect the Motoroll to the supply line (mainline). Both end-feed and center-feed are available, depending on the location of the supply line and the length of the system.

Strong stabilizers are available for the long term parking of the Motoroll and windy conditions (optional).

Side Roll is an aluminum pipe (lateral) mounted on large wheels. The Side Roll irrigates in place (does not move while irrigating) and it is moved from position to position between irrigation runs. An air-cooled gasoline engine provides the required power to move the aluminum sprinkler line across the field. The aluminum pipe is connected to hydrants by a flexible hose. The hydrants are usually spaced every 18 meters (60′) along the supply line (mainline). The supply line may be located along one edge or in the center of the field.

The Side Roll is very simple to operate. When an irrigation run is finished, the operator simply turns off the mainline valve and disconnects the flexible hose. The drain valves automatically drain the pipe due to the reduced pressure. The operator then starts the engine and rolls the pipe to the next hydrant position along the field, reconnects the flexible hose, turns on the water and starts the next irrigation run. The whole operation of repositioning takes about 20 minutes for a single person. When the Side Roll has reached the last position at the end of the field, it is driven back to the starting point for the next irrigation cycle.

  • Pipe
    A. 100 mm x 12 m x 1.8 mm ( 4″ x 40′ x 0.071″) extruded aluminum pipe with male and female couplers.
    B. 100 mm x 6 m x 2.2 mm ( 4″ x 20′ x 0.087″) extruded aluminum pipe with male and female couplers.
  • Hose Set
  • Couplers
  • Sprinklers
  • Mover Unit
  • Wheels
  • End Plug
  • Stabilizers

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