- Model EVO Plus - Irrigation Programmer



Compared with the Gold, this programmer can handle up to 6 fertilisers, with 24 vac, 12v dc and 9-12v dc latching relay outlets.

In every situation – open field, orchard, vineyard or greenhouse – Irritec has designed the best irrigation system to meet your needs. To find out more, our sales team is happy to respond to your individual requirements.

Recommended For:

  • The new Commander EVO programmers meet the irrigation needs of the most demanding crops, for farms of any size
  • The new Commander EVO programmers combine the power of the old Commander models with better pH and conductivity management and a more professional approach to the planning of irrigation cycles
  • The option of remote control via radio, management software accessible by internet via a modem and the choice of controllable sensors make the new Commander EVO range of programmers for agriculture a completely new product.


  • Up to 216 valves divided into 64 independent blocks
  • 120 cabled valves + 96 radio valves
  • 20 irrigation programmes with multiple start-ups (4 valves at a time)
  • Precision irrigation in seconds
  • Irrigation by: time/volume/demand/temperature/solar radiation
  • Communication by PC, gsm, sms and radio
  • User-friendly PC interface
  • 5 diesel or electric pumps
  • 4 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German)
  • 6 fertilisers, by: time/volume/ratio to flow (parallel or sequential)
  • Pre irrigation
  • Alarms
  • ON/OFF programmable stirrers
  • Backwash management for 10 filters
  • Washing by: time/volume/pressure variation
  • Different times can be set for each filter
  • Can be extended with 16-zone modules (+96)
  • Radio connection
  • 230 VAC, 12VDC or battery powered
  • Outlets: 24 vac. 12vdc, 9/12vdc latch
  • Digital intakes: 1 water meter, 6 fertiliser meters, 1 differential and 10 programmable manometers
  • Analogic intakes: pH, EC, temperature, solar radiation


  • Programmer extension module for Commander EVO Basic/Plus/Gold
  • Radio system for Commander EVO programmer
  • Modem for Commander EVO programmer
  • Software for Commander EVO programmer
  • pH/EC transmitter for Commander EVO programmer
  • pH/EC electrodes for Commander EVO programmer
  • Solar radiation sensor
  • “Frogger System” programmer

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