- Small Diameter Dripline



The minidrip™ dripline, the result of the research and innovation of Irritec®, is the answer for irrigation needs “for gardens, flowerbeds, and small vegetable gardens”, where available space, aesthetics and economics play an important role, without neglecting the quality of the product and the results. minidrip™ is made with virgin raw materials of first-rate quality, along with the cutting-edge transformation technologies, to obtain a small sized dripline of high quality, concentrated in less than 7mm diameter.

  • The minidrip™ dripline has a turbulent flow labyrinth that can reduce the accumulation of internal sediment decreasing the risk of occlusion.
  • The emitter has a built-in double input filter to reduce clogging risk.

The minidrip™ dripline is suitable for:

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Small greenhouses
  • Small vegetable gardens
  • Floral and vegetable crops

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