- Model DosaBox - Fertigation Units



A modular device which enables volumetric dosage of 2 to 4 fertilisers and regulation of the aspiration speed of each nutrient used.

  • Irritec fertigation units combine practicality and reliability in a modern injection system for nutrient solutions.
  • The fertiliser dosage is regulated by simple fertigation templates which can be set according to the agronomic and nutritional requirements of your crop.
  • Correct water management, essential for conveying adequate nutrition to the plants, is guaranteed by Irritec’s long experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment, and by the use of reliable, certified materials. Moreover, the ergonomic design of our machines allows the operator to set the irrigation and fertigation cycles and to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance easily and safely.
  • All our machines are EC certified.

Recommended For:

  • DosaBox is a modular unit which allows volumetric dosing of 2 to 4 fertilisers; the speed of aspiration of each substance can be regulated.
  • Flowmeters and pH and EC monitors give constant feedback on the properties of the irrigation water used, and can be modified by manual adjustment of injection for the individual aspiration channels.
  • DosaBox pre-mixes the fertilisers to obtain a homogeneous nutrient solution, and does not cause pressure loss on the main line.


  • Dosage 2 to 4 fertilisers
  • Method: volumetric injection
  • AISI 304 stainless steel pump
  • 50 litre pre-mixing canister
  • pH and EC monitoring
  • Stainless steel structure

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