- Model DosaBox - Volumetric Fertigation Kit



DosaBox is a valid tool for those who wish to approach fertigation in a simple and economic way. This fertigation unit, with manual operation but very easy to automate, is the first important step to obtain a modern and effective management of fertilizers.

DosaBox is a modular device that allows the dosage from 2 to 4 fertilizers in a volumetric way and regulates the suction speed of each fertilizer. The flow-meters and the PH and EC monitor allow the constant control of the characteristics of the irrigation water that can be adjusted through the manual regulation of the injection of each suction duct. DosaBox performs the pre-mixing of fertilizers to obtain a homogeneous solution with no pressure losses on the main line.

  • From 2 to 4 fertilizer suction ducts of 500 l/h each
  • Deliverable volume from 10 to 500 lt (intervals of 10 lt) for each induct
  • Electric pump 1.2 Kw with stainless steel impeller
  • Pre-mixing tank
  • Constant control of tank level (level valve + sensor)
  • Constant EC and PH Monitoring.
  • Easily automatable
  • Power supply: 3 x 380 VAC / 220 VAC

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