- Model Connecto - Compression Fittings for Irrigation Systems



Particularly recommended for irrigation systems and gardening. Outstanding speed and ease of assembly.

In every situation – open field, orchard, vineyard or greenhouse – Irritec has designed the best irrigation system to meet your needs. To find out more, our sales team is happy to respond to your individual requirements.

Recommended For:
The Connecto range of compression fittings for the conveyance of fluids under pressure is particularly recommended for irrigation and gardening systems and is notable for its simplicity and speed of assembly.



  • Body (A) – heterophasic propylene copolymer (PP-B) with exceptional mechanical properties even at high temperatures – colour: black
  • Locking bush (D) – polypropylene – colour: black
  • Flange (B) – propylene copolymer with colour additives, highly stable under UV rays and heat – colour: green
  • Bracket ring (C) – polyacetal resin (POM) – extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting – colour: white
  • Seal or Ring (E) – elastomeric nitrile rubber (NBR) – colour: black
  • Reinforcement ring – INOX AISI 430 steel for 2″ to 4″ female threading

Relevant legislation

  • Working pressure: UNI 9561:2006; DIN 8076:2007; ISO 14236:2000; GW 335-B3:2011; SANS 14236:2003; AS/NZS 4129:2008.
  • Polyethylene tubes (PE): UNI 7990:2004; UNI EN 12201-2:2004; DIN 8074:1999
  • Couplings: DM 174 06/04/2004; BS 6920:2000; W270; KTW
  • Threading: ISO 7-1:2007; UNI EN 10226-1:2006; UNI EN ISO 228-1:2003; ANSI ASME B1.20.1:1983
  • Flanges: UNI EN 1092-1:2007; ISO 7005-1:2011

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