- Model Dosa Pro - Fertigation Units



With an accurate and user-friendly programmer, this device makes dosage of fertilisers and management of irrigation systems more efficient. Ideal for farms seeking to begin automation in a simple way at moderate cost.

  • Irritec fertigation units combine practicality and reliability in a modern injection system for nutrient solutions.
  • The fertiliser dosage is regulated by simple fertigation templates which can be set according to the agronomic and nutritional requirements of your crop.
  • Correct water management, essential for conveying adequate nutrition to the plants, is guaranteed by Irritec’s long experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment, and by the use of reliable, certified materials. Moreover, the ergonomic design of our machines allows the operator to set the irrigation and fertigation cycles and to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance easily and safely.
  • All our machines are EC certified.

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Irritec has designed this proportional fertigation unit as a system which, through an accurate and user-friendly programmer, can make fertiliser dosage and management of the irrigation system more efficient for any farm wishing to move towards an automated system in a simple way with moderate costs.


  • Dosage 2 to 6 fertilisers
  • Method: proportional flow injection
  • Optional pH and EC readings
  • 20 independent irrigation programmes
  • 216 valves (120+96 radio) divided in 6 blocks (max.  4 valves)
  • Backwash management of 10 automatic filters by differential time and/or pressure switch
  • Pump control or master valve (5 pumps and 1 master valve)
  • Rain sensor intakes and 5 emergency sensors
  • gsm, sms and radio communication
  • User-friendly PC interface
  • 4 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German)

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