- Light Dripline with Continuous Labyrinth



Dripline hose, the ideal solution for irrigation both in the open field and in protected crops.

In every situation – open field, orchard, vineyard or greenhouse – Irritec has designed the best irrigation system to meet your needs. To find out more, our sales team is happy to respond to your individual requirements.

Recommended For:

  • Particularly suited to well-drained soils generally used for vegetable and flower cultivation.  iSiplastTape drip tape is the ideal solution for irrigation both in the open field and for protected crops such as tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, courgettes, peppers, aubergines, asparagus, potato, cucumber, onions, roses, gerbera, carnations etc.
  • Either laid on the soil surface or buried, iSiplastTape improves crop yield and quality while reducing costs. The special design of the turbulent flow channels prevents sedimentation and allows for longer lateral branches, while maintaining excellent uniformity of distribution.

High Working Resistance
This is achieved by the use of innovative technology and advanced materials. The special design of the turbulent flow labyrinth reduces sedimentation to a minimum and allows for longer lines, while maintaining excellent uniformity of flow. The dripper’s inlet filter protects the labyrinth from potential blockage. The double green marker line indicates the upper side with outlet points. Laser-cut flow holes reduce the likelihood of clogging and root intrusion

Multiple Benefits:

  • Water and fertilisers are delivered to the optimum location for the root system.
  • Soil remains dry between rows, reducing weed growth and water loss by evaporation.
  • Dry foliage reduces the risk of plant disease.
  • Machinery can pass during or immediately following irrigation.
  • Extremely uniform wet area eliminates negative effects from wind.
  • Maintenance of the correct degree of soil humidity over time.
  • Micro-leaching of minerals towards the edges of the wet area prevents harmful build-up near the roots.
  • Lower pressure water sources can be used.  Water penetrates easily even in the most impermeable soils.
  • Pumping costs are substantially reduced thanks to lower working pressure.

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