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Model Isoflow - Compensed Dripper



Configuration formed by a central membrane that narrow the outlet section when the load pressure increase the membraneis in easy-to-removable shell to facilitate cleaning, if necessary.

Especially recommended when precise capacity is required, on unlevel gruond and where self-compensating dripper are necessary.

Base black and head different coloured to allow immediate capacity identification, relized in plypropylene anti-UV stabilished, must guarantee resistance to atmospheric agent and corrosion phenomena due to fertirrigation. Membrane made of silicone material.

Self compensed range from 0,5 bar to 3,5 bar (from 5 to 35 m.c.a.) for 4L/H , o,5 bar to 3,5 bar (from 5 to 35 m.c.a.) for 8L/H, o,5 bar to 3,5 bar (from 5 to 35 m.c.a.) for 15L/H.
Maximum varation with respect to normal capacity ±7,5%.
Take with attachment for manifold Ø 3,5x6 micro-tube.
Outlet with attachment for manifold 2 o 4 outputs.
Avaiable in 4L/H had green, 8L/H had blue and 15L/H had brown.

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