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- Model 1800 - Cutting and Planting Machine



The ISO Cutting and Planting 1800 automates the process of cutting rose cuttings from a rose branch and sticking the cuttings in the pot in one handling. A rose branch who is brought into the machine by hand is analyses by 8 camera’s. With 3D technology the rose branch is analyzed and based on the 3D image of the branch the robot arm cuts the rose cuttings from the branch, cuts the stem on the right length and sticks the cuttings in a pot or tray. 

  • Direct sticking after cutting the rose branch, less stress in the plant for better growth
  • Equal growth when planting multiple cuttings in one pot due to equal stich depth
  • The possibility to add growing hormone to the cutting right before planting
  • More control over the sticked cuttings, the person who hangs the branches into the machine is able to control the sticked cuttings right after they cuttings are planted
  • The possibility to connect the machines to the existing internal transport system
  • Compact design
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Output of up to 1,600 cuttings per hour
  • Higher capacity is possible by setting machines in line

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