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ISOLynx - Touch Screen Controller


Imagine being able to choose your receiver, your steering, and your controller. That is what choice is all about. ISOLynx is a dynamic controller. You do not have to repurchase components that you already have to use the ISOLynx controller.

Ag equipment manufacturers around the world have agreed on ISOBUS as the universal protocol for electronic communication between implements, tractors and computers. The primary goal of ISOBUS data technology is to standardize the communication which takes place between tractors and implements while ensuring full compatibility of data transfer between the mobile systems and the office software used on the farm. The basis is the international ISO11783 standard – “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network”.

This development was triggered by the fact that farmers often use tractors from one brand with implements from another supplier. As long as they are all using different electronic systems, each tractor and each implement combination requires an individual terminal.

•Compatible with any ISO steering system; Reichhardt, Trimble, Etc.

•Compatible with any ISO Autolevel
•Mueller Distance Controller

•Compatible with Hemisphere, NovAtel, Trimble and John Deere

  • 1024x768 TFT Dual-touch screen
  • Can be used in either portrait or landscape
  • Section control up to 72 sections
  • Display is capable of up to 3 cameras at the same time

  • Parallel tracking and automatic section control are available as options
  • A programming interface is provided for integration of special agronomy systems/programs
  • The Display is capable of up to 3 camera inputs. The unit is operated conveniently via a touch screen user interface, through which up to 5 processes (machinery functions, data management, camera images) can be operated or monitored simultaneously
  • Data exchange with the ISOLynx controller is accomplished using a USB stick or by wireless transfer via a CDMA Modem

  • Order Management
  • Section Control Boom Shutoff
    • The Section Control app ensures the automatic activation and deactivation of the sections on a sprayer automatically. If a section is partly or fully overlapped, the the section will be switched off. The section control app can control up to 72 sections.
  • Headland Control
    • Headland control is a headland management app. Headland is calculated based on the field border and machine width. The amount of headland tracks can be freely selected and the guiding line function is available for headland.
  • Variable Rate Control
    • Variable-Rate control enables the use of application maps in shape format. We can apply up to five different spread rates, defined by the application maps. The application is adjustable to specific site requirements.
    • This app will boost yields.
  • Field Navigation
    • In screen turn by turn directions to your next job. Navigation software that contains navigable paths, and takes movement restrictions into account and leads directly to the fields.
  • Destinations can be recorded using different methods:
    • From a suitable field plot database or LU software
    • By setting a reference point on the display
    • Using computer software FIELD-Nav. desktop

The ISOLynx Precision Ag Suite will integrate with your back office software to streamline you work flow. The ISOLynx works with AgJunction, Farm Works, AgSync, and SST Software.

AgJunction customers are Ag Retailers! Clients have over 22,000 growers, 375,000 fields and over 15 million unique acres in AgJunction. AgJunction connects to several branded back office systems.

Main focus is on the Ag Input/Service Provider

AgJunction powers more NA retail locations Precision Ag programs than any other software

  • Largest web based AIM in NA
  • Largest non/manufacturer telematics system in the NA
  • Processes more field operations data than any other mapping system


  • 2 x CAN
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • 3 x camera (optional)
  • 1 x Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
  • 3 x serial interface

Technical Data:

Operating voltage:  8-30 V
Operating temperature:  -20 ° to +70 °C
Storage temperature:  -40 °C  to +85 °C
Dimensions(wxhxd):  337 x 246 x 100 mm
Protection standard:  IP 57 (conform w/pdf) DIN 40050/15 (excl. USB-stick)
EMC:  to ISO 14982/PREN 55025 RFI suppression level 4
ESD protection:  to ISO 10605 level 3
Current consumption:  max. 4A
Processor:  32 Bit ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz
RAM:   256 MB
Boot-Flash:  128 MB
Real time clock:  Gold cap buffered
Operating system:  Windows CE 6
Display:  12,1“XGA (1024 x 768) color display with capacitive dual touch

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