Model J2020H Series - Compact Tractors



When you take pride in the job you do, and are doing it in more confining spaces, you need a tractor that’s small in size but big on performance. The J2020H delivers what you need with superior performance and superb agility in a powerful, small chassis compact tractor.  With more 3-point hitch lift capacity and loader lift capacity than similar sized competitive models, the J2020H allows you to carry heavier loads and get your work done faster and more efficiently.  Plus it’s easy to use and maneuver in tight spaces.  Changing the direction of travel is as simple as pushing the foot control pedal, which comes in handy during applications when you need to frequently shift from forward to reverse.

  • Engine HP-23
  • PTO HP-17.5
  • Transmission- 2 range HST (Hydrostatic Drive Transmission)
  • 3-Point Lift Capacity-1,433 lbs.
  • Loader Lift Capacity—1,150 lbs.

  • Modern Stylish Design – This small chassis compact 4WD is ergonomically designed and stylish with its distinctive blue color.
  • Mitsubishi Tier 4 Interim Engine - fuel efficient engine delivers reliable performance.  Rubber engine mounts reduce operator platform vibration.
  • Easy Open One-Piece Hood - provides accessibility for easy maintenance.
  • Large Fuel Tank - 6.6 gallon capacity provides long operation times.
  • Standard 2000 RPM Mid PTO
  • Hydrostatic Transmission - maximizes ease of use with effortless, clutch-less and instant speed and directional changes with a simple push of the pedal.
  • Simple Selections - select your gear range or 2WD/4WD with simple move of the levers.
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering - makes turning easier, improves control and reduces fatigue.
  • 3-Point Hitch - category 1 with a hitch lift capacity of 1,433 lbs. allows usage of a wide variety of implements.
  • PTO On/Off Switch - turn the independent rear or mid PTO on or off with the simple and easy turn of a switch.
  • Ergonomically Designed 3-Point Hitch Controls - easily accessible for maximum comfort and convenience
  • Adjustable Seat with Seat Belt - keeps you in a comfortable and safe position for maximum control.
  • Standard Foldable ROPS - allows storage in low clearance buildings or sheds.
  • Your Choice of Tires—choose industrial or turf tires at no additional cost; subject to dealer inventory.
  • Optional Quick Attach Front End Loader - remove or attach in seconds.  With 1,150 lbs. of lift capacity it outperforms others in its class. Grill guard comes standard with loader rather than an option like others in its class.
  • Optional Quick Attach Backhoe - remove or attach in seconds.  With 76” digging depth, 2,068 lbs. of digging force and 180⁰ swing arc,  it outperforms other in its class.

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