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The Jackson Wood Shaving Mill produces wood shavings similar to the by-product of a lumber planer. The raw material may be round wood, pulp wood, low-grade logs, slabs, and other similar waste wood. It is not practical to use short end trimmings, tie butts, or croppings. Softwoods or the softer hardwoods (such as aspens and poplars) may be shaved, green or dry, with or without the bark. The primary use is bedding for poultry, horses, and other animals, but there are many other applications.

Wood shavings should not be confused with wood chips, since they are manufactured by an entirely different process. Our machines cut the wood lengthwise, with the grain of the wood, to obtain thin, curly, fluffy shavings rather than the hard, chunky texture of chips. A wide range of product characteristics can be obtained with different machine settings, with corresponding variations in production rates.

There are several reasons why wood shavings are preferred over other materials for bedding:

  1. Shavings have excellent absorbency properties, so they take up moisture quickly and also dry readily.

  2. Bedding is softer and more comfortable, which makes for healthier, more contented animals.

  3. Cleaning of livestock pens and stalls is easy and economical, since bedding can be sifted with a manure fork and reused.

  4. Shavings are relatively thin, and so they decay readily when spread on the land after use.

  5. Nuisance growth from spreading plant seeds on the land is eliminated.

  6. By drying the shavings, extremely low levels of bacteria and other microorganisms may be achieved, providing much peace of mind for those facilities concerned with cross-contamination.

In addition to bedding, here are some examples of the wide variety of markets served by present Jackson Wood Shaving Mill owners:

  • Nursery stock mulching

  • Weed suppression for gardens and landscaping

  • Ground cover at fairgrounds, circuses, rodeos, race tracks, livestock show rings, and machinery expos

  • Wholesale packing of frozen meats and other merchandise

  • Manufacturing of oriented-strand construction board

Wood shavings can be transported and marketed by several methods. Bulk shipments are usually made with either moving-floor transport trailers or spreader trucks, usually around the local area (within 100 mi / 160 km) because of the cost involved. Many poultry businesses order shavings 'by the yard,' where the price is quoted per cubic yard of bedding. Smaller customers and retail markets generally use compressed bags of shavings, with sizes ranging from 1.2 ft3(34 l) to 5.8 ft3 (164 l) per bag. When shavings are packaged in bags, a drying operation is necessary to prevent molding and mildewing in the bags.

Some shaving mill operators sell bagged shavings directly to stables and other local customers, some operate plants producing exclusively for large retail distribution and pet store chains, and some service local poultry barns and other bulk users. There are also producers which serve various combinations of the markets mentioned.

It is important to note that shavings should always be sold by some bulk measure, never by weight. This is because when solid wood is processed into shavings, a significant expansion in volume is realized. A typical ratio is between 3:1 and 4:1, although this varies depending on species of wood and machine settings. If the shavings are dried, there is also a significant loss of weight due to moisture evaporation.

The Jackson Wood Shaving Mill is the product of extensive research and experience. Numerous designs were experimented with in the process of developing the line of machines we manufacture. Since its introduction on the market in 1961, it has proved to be the best machine available for producing shavings. There are some others who make 'shaving mills,' but there is no substitute for experience. Our machines have proved their durability and performance throughout the United States and around the world.

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