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- Big Bale Handling

The Jadan Big Bale Chaser is ideal those who require a fast, smooth operation to get large numbers of big square bales into storage or transport. The Chaser has the ability to handle various size big square bales, including 4x4, 4x3, 4x2, 3x3, 3x2, stacking into neat tight stacks, with ease and accurateness. Transforming bale stacking into a one man operation, the paddocks can now be cleared quickly – electronically, from the comfort of the tractor cab. With features such as picking bales up in any direction, narrow transport width, adjustable drawbar height, the Chaser design is based on versatility and efficiency. The heavy duty high flotation tyres ensure a smooth ride, even on uneven grounds.

The Jadan Chaser also carries a unique feature – stair stepping – which binds the top layer of the stacks 
to create a stronger & resistant pack. Operating in all circumstances, the Chaser is built, exactly to suit, 
ensuring a reliable, fast system. Specifically designed & manufactured in Australia provides a peace of 
mind that the Chaser will withstand the tough Aussie conditions.
The Chaser will collect and stack;

  • 10 4x4 big square bales
  • 14 4x3 big square bales
  • 18 4x2 big square bales
  • 21 3x3 big square bales
  • 27 3x2 big square bales

NEW – Now available: Computer control option to operate the Chaser automatically (with manual 
Loading head – easy fit loading head to allow for loading of various bale sizes (e.g. for a Chaser
suited for 4x3 bales, a 4x4 loading head is available to allow picking of 4x4 bales as well).

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