- Model 1.8 m - Orchard Mower



Orchard mower JAGODA is produced in version 1,6 (1,6 meters of working width). Version 1,8 (1,8 meters of working width) is produced on request. These are the most popular models, perfect for both orchards and berry fields. The body is made of stainless metal. The cutting element is in fact a set of four rotating blades and one blade installed on the side of the body. It allows grinding of mown mass and also grinding of branches up to 30 millimeter wide.

The machine is hung on a three point hitch and powered by a telescopic joint shaft from tractor's power transmission shaft. Depending on the version it is possible to install the mower symmetrically or moved to the right or left in relation to the tractor’s axis. The height of mowing is regulated by a rare supporting shaft and a tractor’s hydraulic hoist.

The mower shouldn’t be used on fields sloped more than 12 degrees or covered in large stones.

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