- Fluorescent Stringable Shelter Lights - General Purpose



Durable Design Patented floating lamp sockets protect the lamp from impact, extending lamp life. This durability is reinforced with a shatterproof, protective tube shield and twin lamp design.

Electronic Efficiency

Using electronic ballast technology, Jameson lights are more efficient and lighter weight than magnetic ballast lights that use cumbersome fuses and unreliable starter canisters. Our lights are flicker free with no excessive heat build up.

Jameson lights will not tax field generators while providing a brighter light.

Compact Style

Half the length and weight of older models, our lights are built for easy transport and one-man set up.

High Intensity Universal Lighting

  • General purpose stringable lights are suitable for applications that do not involve sensitivity or peripheral electronic equipment. They feature a twin-lamp design for high intensity lighting
  • Lights operate independently with on/off switches, allowing any combination of lights to operate
  • Commonly used in Maintenance Enclosures or Decontamination Shelters
  • Jameson general purpose stringable lights are now available with optional 110V - 230V capability
  • Meets U.S. and Canadian standards for water resistant portable lighting

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