- Model 235 - Chainsaw Machines



Japa 235 is the next product in the successful range aimed at recreational users. Fully designed and manufactured. in Finland, the new firewood processor is intended for recreational users who are tired of using an axe, chainsaw or hydraulic splitter and want the process of making firewood to be faster and easier. Japa 235 is particularly well-suited to single-family homes and summer cottages.

A high-quality firewood processor requires a good engine. Japa firewood processors are equipped with the best engines available. All engines are provided by well-known manufacturers, such as Honda and Briggs & Stratton, and specifically selected for the Japa machines. 

Our product safety team ensures machine safety

We pay a considerable amount of attention to product safety. Our own product safety department ensures that our machines meet and often surpass all effective national and EU requirements as well as EN and ISO standards. All of our machines are tested by independent testing bodies. Japa® 235 is a safe machine whose sawing and splitting mechanisms only operate when the protective guard is closed. 

An Advanced Machine

Japa® 235 combines raw power with a lightness that enables excellent mobility. The small size and low weight also make the machine easier to store. In addition to this, the wheels on the machine can be used to conveniently move it to the location of use and back to storage. The Japa® 235 firewood processor can be towed with an ATV or garden tractor.

Despite its small size, the Japa® 235 packs enough power to make processing a bulk cubic metre of firewood in an hour a breeze! This machine was designed for users who appreciate ease-of-use and want to make their firewood themselves.

You can choose the drive option that suits you best as the Japa® 235 is available with either a petrol engine or an electric motor.

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