- Model 305 Series - Chain Saw Machines


The range of Japa® 305 firewood processors is designed for those who require easy mobility and effortless operation from their machine. Japa® 305 is easy to use and cutting logs for firewood is both safe and fast.The wood is cutting by using the saw handle and when you pull it down starts the splitting automatically with 5,6 ton power.The cutting is taking care of reliably operated hydraulic chainsaw. For safety reasons the chain rotates only during the cutting. A hydraulically driven 3,8m long conveyor moves the logs effortlessly after splitting.

  • Maximum diameter timber is 30 cm
  • Maximum splitting length is 45 cm
  • Power options include Electric , Honda petrol engine or tractor hydraulic or PTO
  • Japa® 305 range is very mobile with yard tow or road tow options

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