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- Bauer Compatible Galvanized Pipes & Fittings



Heavy Duty Bauer compatible pipes are manufactured from the highest grade of steel strip to give a uniform wallBauer Compatible Pipethickness that is only available in a quality product. The manufacturing process uses the vary latest cold drawn procedures coupled with automated electronically controlled induction welding techniques.

Each pipe, complete with coupling, is hot dipped galvanized in vertical tanks.

Connection - Pipework can be connected even if the couplings are not aligned as the ball and socket principle allows, in most sizes, for a 30° articulation in all directions, when using Bauer HK system.

Ease of Handling - With just a few simple hand movements the fittings can be secured coupled/uncoupled - no tools are required.

Tough - Bauer compatible fittings give a positive connection that is suction and pressure tight up to 20 bar.

NB - All galvanised Female fittings are supplied complete with rubber seal.

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