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- Model TMR Series - Mixers


Jaylor is proud to introduce two new mini-mixer models. Available in 50 and 100 cubic foot capacities, these mixers allow small herd operators to feed TMR rations. They also enable large herd operators to create special rations for dry and other special needs groups.The mini series is designed to be able to process small hay bales, forages and other ingredients, then cut and mix a consistent, nutritious TMR. The mini mixers are built with the same ruggedness and durability as the rest of the Jaylor product line. The self-propelled model has an all-wheel drive, hydrostatic drive system which allows the mixer to be easily maneuvered, even through the farm yard.

  • Freestanding vertical auger   
  • Durable fast cut serrated knives     
  • Easily operated manual door   
  • Large discharge door for rapid consistent delivery         
  • Powerful hydrostatic all wheel drive*   
  • Efficient hydraulic system with built-in protection     
  • Heavy duty, galvanized, corrosion resistant frame   
  • Easily operated, precise electronic scale system    
  • Highly maneuverable three wheel system to accommodate tight corners*   
  • A50 units are wear resistant, corrosion free polyethylene drums

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