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Jatropha Biodiesel Business Plan 1000 ha

CJP can offer Jatropha renewable energy projects with many plans, resources and proven profitable models. Our specialty is business planning with the focus on high productivity and profitability. The sequence of services required for establishment of large scale Failesafe Jatropha Plantation from ground zero to harvesting stage shall be as below: Feasibility study to determine the suitability of growing the Jatropha oil crop Complete & comprehensive Business Plan Execution of the Plantation Project Then there shall be construction of crushing and biodiesel facilities STEPS TO START BIODIESEL BUSINESS Conduct a feasibility study – hire a consultant Write a business plan Form a board of business experts Solicit financing Hire a engineering company Develop the markets Built the plant and the business • IMPORTANT BUSINESS FACTOR Feedstock supply Market size Govt. polices & incentives Competition Financing & fund sources Business structure & community involvement Sensitivity

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