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- Model 526-56 - Agricultural Machine


Compact and powerful with low weight, the JCB 526-56 Agri features a turbocharged EcoMAX four-cylinder engine. A torque converter and four-speed synchro transmission encourage rapid take-up of power. Four equal sized wheels improve tractive effort for excellent loader performance, while soft ground flotation and ground clearance are first class (even more so when large 24-inch wheels are fitted). Permanent 4-wheel steer and 4WD, together with a compact machine size, means an exceptionally tight turning circle for great maneuverability and handling in small yards. Of course, being a JCB telehandler, residuals are strong - as the world's number 1 telescopic handlers, our Agri Loadalls are always in demand and therefore valuable.

Maneuverability and Performance

  • The JCB 526-56 Agri Loadall has three steer modes - 2WS, 4WS and crab steer - for superb maneuverability.
  • It’s also got JCB’s EcoMAX engine for improved power and productivity. The 109 hp (81 kW) unit produces its power and torque at low revs, meaning that the engine has to work less hard than rival machines. That saves fuel and, of course, money.
  • Good ground clearance and four-wheel drive mean this compact telescopic handler can make excellent progress in any conditions or terrain.
  • Further Productivity
    • 3 steer modes (2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab)
    • Superb visibility
    • Transmission disconnect button diverts engine power for improved hydraulic cycle times
    • Parallel lift gives excellent load retention
    • Optional SRS provides increased load retention and comfort
    • Long chassis provides stability

Serviceability and Durability

  • Every JCB Loadall is designed to maximize uptime and productivity. To do that, we make sure our components last a long time and, when routine replacements need to take place, we make sure everything important is easily accessible.
  • All checks are quick, simple and safe to carry out from ground level on this telescopic handler. The 1-piece hood is on a gas strut for ease and safety; the radiator chaff guard and reversing fan keeps out debris; the fold-out cooling package is easy to clean, as is the flat floor with drainage channels; and most service intervals, including boom lubrication, are a lengthy 500 hours.
  • Every JCB Loadall has a 1-piece fully welded chassis for maximum strength and minimum weight. Hoses are routed through the boom and lights fold away to protect against site damage. The U-shaped boom with integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate has reduced joints and stress points.
  • Key components like Loadall transmissions are tested over thousands of cycles and all of our manufacturing processes are backed by ISO 9001:2008.

Working Environment

  • The JCB 526-56 Agri Loadall has class-leading comfort, not least because of its spacious, safe, side-entry cab. Visibility is superb and there are stable doors for ventilation, all of which is just the start; we invest in the telescopic handler operator’s comfort because it equates to real, measurable improvements in day-long productivity.
  • This means keeping noise levels low and building everything around the operator, from a fully adjustable suspension seat and steering column, mobile phone holder and intelligently placed air vents, to ergonomic controls on the front console.
  • Controls on the JCB 526-56 Agri telescopic handler are intelligently grouped for instinctive use, with hydraulic and transmission stabilizer controls laid out for quick, safe and precise operation. The load moment indicator, providing progressive read out of forward stability, is at eye level for easy checks and maximum safety.
  • In fact, the only people who might lose out with the 526-56 Agri Loadall are potential thieves and vandals; all Loadall windows are etched with serial numbers, and a battery isolator immobilizes the machine.

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