- Model 4830s & 4730 - Sprayer


Order your 4830s & 4730s without booms and turn them into a 4930 with our 120’ aluminum booms. When a 4800 or 4700 series is ordered without booms we provide everything needed to mount boom on. Custom made front boom rest. Unlike John Deere's boom rest these provide a solid rest for the booms when in transport. Custom made center frame needed when sprayer is ordered without booms. Custom built cylinder with JD fold sensors built in. Brackets for JD boom height control sensors. Nozzle plumbing available in aluminum tubing on 15”, 20”, or 30” spacing.

Facts on JD 120’ VS. Our 120’ Aluminum Booms

  1. Over 4000# Lighter then JD
  2. Better view from cab
  3. Better breakaway boom
  4. Travels over terries and rough fields better
  5. No rust or corrosion on booms

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